Blackjack Hall of Fame

There are a lot of players in the hall of fame of blackjack who have dedicated their life and gave great contribution in advancing the blackjack. There are a lot of players, writers and thinkers in this hall and everyone has left the un-removable marks of his Excellencies and expertise. There are many individuals who are known due to their marvelous impression in the development of blackjack.

Like many of them have taken part in developing the strategy of the game, and the strategy of card counting. Some of them like Tommy Hyland and Al Francesco are considered the successful players in the real time casinos. Blackjack has come into consideration of the general public by virtue of the writings of Max Rubin. In short these are the group of people who have contributed altogether in the development of blackjack and now this game is famous due to their fantastic efforts.

The Hall of Fame of Blackjack and its Foundation:

The imagination of the hall of fame was developed in the year of 2002. This has been done due to the regular gamblers who have discussed to award this status to 21 players. The voting has been done by the regular players of the casino who have taken the feedback from the general public as well. During a ceremony in January 2003, the final voting was taken place and then the top players were awarded with the status of fame. Initially the seven players were selected for this award. Following were the players at that time who have been granted with this status:

  1. Stanford Wrong
  2. Peter Griffin
  3. Arnold Snyder
  4. Ken Uston
  5. Al Francesco
  6. Edward O. Thorp
  7. Tommy Hyland

How the Hall of Fame Grown?

Now every year for this hall of fame of blackjack, members are selected. In 2004, two other new members were selected, followed by the selection of further two new members in 2005. However; a new rule has retarded the growth of this hall of fame after that and according to it, only one member will be selected to come in the hall of fame each year. Followings are the other members of this hall of fame:

  • Max Robin in 2004
  • Lawrence Revere in 2005
  • Keith Taft in 2004
  • Julian Braun in 2005
  • Lawrence Revere in 2005
  • Four Horsemen in 2008
  • Johnny Chang in 2007
  • James Grosjean in 2006

The Location of Hall of Fame:

The hall of fame of Blackjack is physically present inside the Barona Casino, situated in southern California. You can find a plague for each member with a photograph and explanation for their marvelous role in the development of this game. In this casino, you can find a museum as well where the displays comprise of devices for cheating, computer shoes and different other objects.


Welcome to Blackjack Online Fan

Blackjack is a famous card gambling game, which differs from other types of online casino entertainments in that way so it offers a great playing possibilities for skilled and clever players. Only playing this game you can be sure, that you win, as you use all methods, which are recommended to become a winner. It does not matter whether other players use these methods or not, because results of their gambling almost do not influence your game.
From the very beginning of blackjack history there have been developed and modified a huge amount of game varieties. This game was too complicated for some players and they decided to make it a little bit easier to play and changed some rules. They have a lot of fans, as well as common blackjack game has. The game rules of these variations are a little bit different, but the main object of the game has always remained the same: get cards of higher value than the dealer has, without exceeding 21 points.
There are several of strategies to beat the game and they suit to different types of player. If you play blackjack to have fun mostly, just choose basic strategy that will be enough for you. But if you are aimed at becoming a professional, use card counting strategy. Considering the fact that blackjack is based on mathematical ground, this strategy will help you to keep your winnings under control.

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