Blackjack rules are easy for understanding though very important to remember: find out how to value each card given to you and what options to choose during the game in order to achieve a better final result.

When it comes to cheating at blackjack, dealers are also not without a sin here: read the mathods blackjack dealers can use in order to cheat you and prevent your winning during the game of blackjack online.

Blackjack Hall of Fame meets the best blackjack players, authors and strategy developers every year: found in 2002, it accepted 7 people at once as being the gurus of blackjack. Find out the details.

MIT Blackjack Team is a well-known group of blackjack card counters who were able to beat all casinos out of big money in 1990s. Read the story of these guys: how all it started and what the results were.

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How to become a professional

If you want to check whether you are blackjack professional player or not, you may do that at blackjack tournament. That is competition, in which players try to beat dealer as much times as possible. The first blackjack tournament took place in 1978 and today they are hold annually to define the best players of this game. There are usually a lot of those, who want to take part at blackjack tournament, but to do that you have to make an official application and in some cases even to show how you play this game at selection tour.

Probably the most famous blackjack competitions are Ultimate Blackjack Tour, which gathers the best players and this competition is even translated at TV, and World Series of Blackjack, where the best players from all over the world take part. If you are not sure, that you are ready to such competitions, you may take part at online tournaments, which are usually hold by online casinos. The requirements are not so serious as at two mentioned before tournaments, so anyone can take part at online competitions.


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Blackjack is a famous card gambling game, which differs from other types of online casino entertainments in that way so it offers a great playing possibilities for skilled and clever players. Only playing this game you can be sure, that you win, as you use all methods, which are recommended to become a winner. It does not matter whether other players use these methods or not, because results of their gambling almost do not influence your game.
From the very beginning of blackjack history there have been developed and modified a huge amount of game varieties. This game was too complicated for some players and they decided to make it a little bit easier to play and changed some rules. They have a lot of fans, as well as common blackjack game has. The game rules of these variations are a little bit different, but the main object of the game has always remained the same: get cards of higher value than the dealer has, without exceeding 21 points.
There are several of strategies to beat the game and they suit to different types of player. If you play blackjack to have fun mostly, just choose basic strategy that will be enough for you. But if you are aimed at becoming a professional, use card counting strategy. Considering the fact that blackjack is based on mathematical ground, this strategy will help you to keep your winnings under control.

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