The historical facts of blackjack

From Vingt-Un to "21"

Just like all of the modern casino games that originated from overseas, America was the last country to discover real-life blackjack and online blackjack games.

The first traces of Blackjack in America's history took place in the 19th century, with the help of French immigrants that introduced the game to the residents of New Orleans. Even though the rules of the game remained mostly the same, the name was still translated from French to English, and adapted the simple name of "Twenty-One".

Blackjack Rule Origination

Doesn't make a difference which game is supposedly the foundation of blackjack but we can say for a fact that the rules that turned the game into the game that it is today make their way from France. All the rules taken into account the only ones that were present in the 18th Century of Vingt-Et-Un are insurance and surrender.

The origination of Blackjack

Just like the most of other games that possess traces of their roots within gameplay, the history of blackjack and online blackjack sites is interesting and amazing. It's very difficult to exactly tell where the history of blackjack first takes place and finishes.

First hands of blackjack

The roots of all card games first took place in China, where the very first cards were printed in the 10th Century.

The path that the cards have taken is unbelievable: they made a long way from Asia in the Middle Ages through the trading paths of the Middle East. From that point they were returned to Europe by Crusaders who came back with new concepts and unseen products.

Based on a common agreement of the historians Hazard was one of the first most famous card games in Europe, it is known to lay a beginning to games like Poker and the early forms of Blackjack.

To find out how the modern games of Blackjack are played have a look at our Play Blackjack page.


Welcome to Blackjack Online Fan

Blackjack is a famous card gambling game, which differs from other types of online casino entertainments in that way so it offers a great playing possibilities for skilled and clever players. Only playing this game you can be sure, that you win, as you use all methods, which are recommended to become a winner. It does not matter whether other players use these methods or not, because results of their gambling almost do not influence your game.
From the very beginning of blackjack history there have been developed and modified a huge amount of game varieties. This game was too complicated for some players and they decided to make it a little bit easier to play and changed some rules. They have a lot of fans, as well as common blackjack game has. The game rules of these variations are a little bit different, but the main object of the game has always remained the same: get cards of higher value than the dealer has, without exceeding 21 points.
There are several of strategies to beat the game and they suit to different types of player. If you play blackjack to have fun mostly, just choose basic strategy that will be enough for you. But if you are aimed at becoming a professional, use card counting strategy. Considering the fact that blackjack is based on mathematical ground, this strategy will help you to keep your winnings under control.

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