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Before become the member of our website, you should learn our privacy policy principles.

This web site and its owners fully respect the privacy and the confidentiality of its users. So all the personal information provided in the bluebook of the casino is free and it is not demanded from the users to provide their personal information if they do not want to.

< Cookies and browsing.

The bluebooks of the online casino are used not to show the personal information of its users or the information about their browsing. Any pieces of information that could be gained from this web site are the full responsibility of the online casino policy of privacy and not the responsibility of the bluebooks of the online casino. Even in case if the visitors do not want to share the cookies, they will be granted with the access to the web site services.

E-mail information

In our practice there have never been any spam or solicit as we dispose a lot of tools to avoid the spam in all its forms. We never provide the e-mail addresses to the third parties if we do not have a free consent of our users. All the mailing is being sent by the blue book of the online casino and it is legally binding.

The Sharing of Casino Information

Our online casino does not collect any information of the users and visitors of this web site. In case we wish or need to collect some information about one of the users - we receive his or her consent first.

The Changes in Our Privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify, change or delete any form of the police of privacy but as usual we give 24 hours for any modifies to be implemented.


Welcome to Blackjack Online Fan

Blackjack is a famous card gambling game, which differs from other types of online casino entertainments in that way so it offers a great playing possibilities for skilled and clever players. Only playing this game you can be sure, that you win, as you use all methods, which are recommended to become a winner. It does not matter whether other players use these methods or not, because results of their gambling almost do not influence your game.
From the very beginning of blackjack history there have been developed and modified a huge amount of game varieties. This game was too complicated for some players and they decided to make it a little bit easier to play and changed some rules. They have a lot of fans, as well as common blackjack game has. The game rules of these variations are a little bit different, but the main object of the game has always remained the same: get cards of higher value than the dealer has, without exceeding 21 points.
There are several of strategies to beat the game and they suit to different types of player. If you play blackjack to have fun mostly, just choose basic strategy that will be enough for you. But if you are aimed at becoming a professional, use card counting strategy. Considering the fact that blackjack is based on mathematical ground, this strategy will help you to keep your winnings under control.

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